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All our rates. The rates is subjected to changes base on location and the month of engagement

  • For UPSR Level:  RM35 – RM50 /hour
  • For PT3 Level: RM45 – RM55/hour
  • For SPM Level: RM50 – RM60/hour
  • For O-Level / IGCSE : RM 65 – RM80/hour
  • For PRE U / A-Level / Admin : RM80 – RM90/hour
  • For Diploma : RM90 – RM100/hour
  • For ADULTS LEARNING : RM 60/hour

Usually one session will be able to accommodate up to two subject expect for SPM Level.


  • The price above is base on estimation, the price above is the minimal fees we will charge for each case. However, if the students resides far from from the prime area, there will be extra charges. Why? some residential area are too far from the main stream. There are places where it requires teacher to use the toll.
  • If the fees are out of budget, we suggests you to find (1 or 2 students) to join the tuition class together and share the tuition fees together.Please contact us at +016-338 9802 (Dianne) for more information.

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