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Why we need to learn Mandarin ?

I was English educated. In other words, I attended Sekolah Kebangsaan during my primary and secondary time. Thus, I am Chinese illiterate. I cannot write in Chinese. However, I know some basics of Chinese which I learned during my Primary Four and Five. Despite that, nowadays I am trying to grab hold of this language by communicating more with friends and also learn from Chinese songs and movies. Thus, I am able to understand when my friends communicate with me in Chinese now.

Here, I would like to encourage parents to educate their children with Chinese. I find that it has become a very important language nowadays. When I was in university, mostly all of my Chinese friends are Chinese educated. That time, I started to realize the importance of learning Chinese and regretted that I missed out on it as I had difficulty communicating with them.

It is undeniable that English is still the International language. However, Chinese is becoming widely used nowadays because of the development in China. China’s economy is growing rapidly, thus if our country want to cooperate with China in business, we also need to master their main language to communicate better with them.

Most of the students nowadays also learn Chinese, even the Malays and Indians. Although Chinese is getting more and more important, we should not forget our National language, Bahasa Malaysia and also our International language, English.

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