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Why Don’t You Spend Some Money on Reading Material?

Today, the trend is not buying reading materials anymore. People especially students only focus on owning mobile phones such as Samsung galaxy, Iphone, Ipad and Ipod. For them, all these have become a necessity as they do not want to look out dated among their friends. They rather save money to buy all these mobile devices than to buy reading materials which are more beneficial to them.

It cannot be denied students will buy books but these books are only textbooks which are required for their studies and revision. What about other types of reading materials like self help books and fictions? Students nowadays focus more on reading their textbooks instead of other types of reading material. According to them, after reading their textbooks, they got no more free time to read other types of books. So, is the education system which focuses too much on academic performance to be blamed now?

There are some students who even reason that they have financial problem, thus they could not afford to buy books. Comparatively, mobile devices are much more expensive than reading materials. Thus, isn’t it more affordable to buy reading materials than those branded mobile devices? Students must realize the benefits they acquire by reading. The knowledge they get from reading can be used for a lifetime. If they really could not afford to buy some reading materials, they can always sort for the cheap ones like newspapers and magazines such as Reader’s Digest. All these can give them extra knowledge that can be used for a lifetime.

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