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We Need to Learn from Mistakes.

In this world, nobody is perfect. Everybody will make mistakes. These mistakes range from major ones such as murdering, raping and stealing to minor ones such as cheating in examinations, lying, disobedient to parents and hurting people with your words. Thus, all of us will not run away from mistakes because we are creatures not perfectly created.

So, if we are not perfect and always have the tendency to make mistakes whether intentionally or unintentionally, does it mean that we cannot change our faulty attitudes and behaviors and have to continue with our mistakes? The answer is no. We definitely have the ability to realize our mistakes, learn from it, forgive ourselves for making it happen and then move on with life always reminding
ourselves not to repeat the same mistake again.

Maybe there are some who would still repeat the same mistake unintentionally and this may lower down their self esteem. If worsen, they may even think ‘since I already cannot change myself, why not I just give up and continue following my desire to do the mistake?’ A very relevant example is drug addicts who are under rehabilitation. Because the process is very hard and always face with numerous
faliures, most of them give up half way.

Learning from the mistake and ask for forgiveness is easy but the difficult part is to change and avoid repeating the same mistake. Though it is not an easy task, with strong determination, bad habits can be changed. As long as you have not given up, you still have the chance to succeed.

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