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We Need Textbooks or Revision books?

Students usually not sure which books that they need to focus on when they need to study to study for examinations. Is it textbooks which are provided by the government or revision books which are widely available in book stores?

Usually, students will buy a lot of revision books from book stores especially those for Science subjects. Some even buy a few only for one subject. Thus, if accumulated all subjects together, isn’t it a large sum of money that they need to spend every year? According to students, they think revision books are necessary for them because the information available in textbooks is not enough.

It is undeniable we can only get limited information from textbooks. Thus, for every subject, we need at least or two one revision book to get extra information. However, we should not forget that textbooks are still important as they provide us the syllabus on what we need to study and focus on. Therefore, even if we have our revision books, the textbooks are still our main reading and revision material.

Beside, revision books sometimes offer information more than what we need for exams. So, it is important to know what we really need to focus on from textbooks and then search for more information about that particular topic in revision books.

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