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Ways to Deal with Your Child’s Homework.

Parents are always worried about their children’s homework. Their involvement in their children’s homework might not be a good choice as it creates dependency and a lack of personal responsibility in the children. Thus, what should parents do to experience the joy of homework liberation and the pleasure of watching their children accepting responsibility and perform better?

First, it is important to assign a specific and personal homework place for the child. This is preferably the child’s bedroom so as to sending the message that his homework is indeed his homework and not anyone is going to help him with it.

Second, parents can serve as a consultant but with limitations. For instance, parents can set a rule that they will only provide assistance for three times and each time will not last longer than five minutes. Besides, they should suggest also to the child that he can do all he can do on his own and bring the three most vexing homework problems to them. This process helps the child to discover his own capabilities and potential.

Lastly, parents need to set a time limit on how late their child can work on homework.This helps to train the child to manage his time more efficiently.

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