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The LGBT Issue

The recent report about the guidelines for parents and teachers to spot the tendencies of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender in children has caused much controversies and objection. Gender identity is an issue in which people are usually not aware about until this report came out.

The fact is this issue is not uncommon among our society nowadays but parents are still ignoring it. Ignoring doesn’t mean that the problem is not there anymore. However, for parents and teachers to talk about sex education with children is already a challenge for them, thus what about talking about this more sensitive issue?

It is found that a child gender identity is related to his or her early childhood parenting. In other words, both the mother and father of the child play an important role in helping him or her to feel secure with their gender. Secure attachment formed between the child and both parents will ensure the child of his or her gender.

There are two concepts involved in determining a child’s identity when they reach adolescent. They are individuation and contentedness  For individuation, the youths are encouraged to develop their own identity while contentedness involves providing a secure base which the youth can explore their identity.

The development of a child determines his or her identity. Thus, parents must look at this issue seriously as it will be too late when your child grows up becoming someone with gender identity he or she not supposed to be.

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