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The importance of English

I remember when I was small, I do not like English. This is because I lack confidence in communicating in this language. However, when I reach the age of entering university, I realize that this language is really important especially when I couldn’t converse in Chinese. A lot of people know the importance of English but just like me, they lack the confidence to open their mouth and start a conversation in English. Fear of being laugh and tease at, they choose to avoid this problem instead of trying their best to improve it.

Actually the best way to improve something is to face it. Thus, when facing difficulties in communicating in English, the best way is to admit your flaws and be courageous to improve. Besides, there is a phrase which says ‘practice makes perfect’, so it is fine if you are being laughed at when you speak broken English because you know that sooner or later, this laughter will stop. Most importantly, you will be able to improve your English language. English is an international language. With a good command of English, you can communicate with any people from any country. So, have a strong command of it before it is too late.

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