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Student Must Learn From Mistakes.

When parents check their children’s school homework and find a lot of mistakes done, they tend to opine that it is not a good sign. However, do you actually know that the more mistakes done, the more a student will learn and improve?

Learning from mistakes is one way of studying. This is why teachers always give a lot of exercises and homework to students, so that they can learn to do and find out the answers themselves and at the same time to learn from the mistakes if they did any. By doing mistakes also makes students to be more cautious and aware when the same question pops up during examination.

Despite the fact that mistakes do help students to improve, it relies on the students also whether he will check the mistakes, learn from it and remember it. Usually, students will not care to open and check their mistakes after the teacher has finished marking. If this happens, it will not help students no matter how much homework the teacher gives them. Realizing the mistakes is not enough too. It must be followed by doing corrections so that students remember better and able to avoid making the same mistake again.

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