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Reward Vs Punishment

For your information, rewarding and giving punishment are some ways that children learn. What are the differences between these two? Understanding these two terms is important for parents so that they know the correct way to teach their children.

Rewarding can be divided into positive and negative. Positive reward is you reward your child with something that he likes when he does something correctly. For example, your child gets good result in examination, thus you reward him by buying him a new mobile phone. Rewarding does not necessarily be in the form of materials, it can be by giving a hug and a kiss or by praising your child for being a good child that you are proud of.

Negative reward is you take away something that your child dislikes when he behaves correctly. For instance, your child does well in examination, so you reward him by allowing him to rest for one day from doing revision.

Meanwhile, punishment also can be in two forms, which are positive and negative. Positive punishment is you give something that your child dislikes when he does not behave himself. For example, by showing your angry face, scolding, or
giving him a task to clean the house. On the other hand, negative punishment is when you take away something that your child likes such as disallowing your child from going out and watching television.

So, which way is better and more effective? The fact is both are effective if use correctly and in the right situation. Despite that, parents must always be sensitive to their child’s feelings especially when giving punishment as it may harm their self esteem.

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