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Parents’ Involvement in Homework.

Doing homework is a child’s responsibility. However, there are a lot of parents nowadays who help their children with their homework. The result may be better grades if the parents maintain their involvement but in the long run, it may weaken the child’s personal responsibility.

It has been found that parents’ non-involvement in their children’s homework produces higher student achievement. At first, it may be hard for the child to adjust himself or herself but after a period of adjustment, he or she begins doing better in school, maybe even better than with parents’ involvement.

This is because the child knows that he needs to pay more attention in class since his parents are not going to help him with his homework. It is undeniable, however, that parents should always check on their children’s homework, making sure that they have finished it and to examine their mistakes but it is not advisable to fully help them. This will create a habit of dependency in the children.

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