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Internet Usage.

Internet is not something uncommon nowadays. Even children as young as seven years old are using the internet. Internet usage is beneficial if it is used in the correct way and for the right purpose.

A lot of people especially youngsters waste their time using the internet for social networking such as Facebook and Skype. Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites with users reaching more than billions of people around the world. It is undeniable that Facebook usage helps people to connect to one another all around the world but if being used over the limit, it causes addiction. Addicted to Facebook, is it possible? Yes, it is. There are people out there who always need to check on their Facebook every few minutes.

Besides, there are also those who are addicted to online games that they neglect their studies, work and responsibilities. For your information, online games consist of a lot of levels. Thus, reaching one level means you will strive for higher level.

The invention of internet also means people have easier access topornography. Pornography, meanwhile, will lead to more unhealthy social activities such as premarital sex which then will lead to premarital pregnancy and baby dumping.

So, considering all the negative consequences of internet usage, should we stop our children from using the internet? If we stop them, they will be lacked behind in this competitive world. Besides, internet is also the simplest and fastest means to get information. Therefore, children must be taught on how to use the internet wisely and beneficially.

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