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Instilling Reading Habits in Children.

              The people of Japan have always been famous for their reading habits. No matter where they go, whether in the MRT or waiting for bus at the bus stop, they will sure take out a book and read to pass their time. Meanwhile for us, Malaysians, what will we do while we are on the MRT? Will we take out a book and read?

              The government has realized this problem that we, Malaysians, are lazy to read. A lot has been done by the government to encourage the people to read such as through the mass media and through schools. Instilling reading habits must start at a young age.  Thus, parents must always encourage their children to read. This can be done by buying reading materials for them and bringing them to the library every weekend. There are even some parents who will set some time every day to read a book with their children. This not only helps to instill reading habit in the child but also enabling him or her to pass her time beneficially.

              Besides that, the schools are also responsible in cultivating the love for reading among children. This can be done by specifically allocating two periods from the timetable to just bring the students to the library. Besides reading, the students can also borrow books from the library during this time. Usually students are reluctant and lazy to go to the library which is usually opened during recess time and after school. Thus, if this is done, they will not have any excuses for not visiting the library.

              The government also plays an important role in this issue. Our education system nowadays emphasize more on academic performance, causing students to only focus on reading textbooks to prepare for examinations. They will not have time to read other materials if they only focus on textbooks. All of us must realize that the main reason we read is to gain knowledge and not to just prepare ourselves for examinations. Knowledge will be with us for our whole lives but not academic performance and appraisal.

              In conclusion, everybody plays a part in cultivating the love of reading among children. They are the younger generations of the nation, our future hope of the country. Thus, it is of great importance if we instill good habits in them.

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