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How to Avoid Misuse of Internet by Children?

As we all know, internet usage not only brings us benefits but also can be harmful to us. Children, if not controlled well and taught to use the internet wisely, will be addicted to social websites such as facebook and online games. Besides, there is also possibility that they will misuse the internet to access pornography.

So, what can parents do to avoid all these from happening? Always allocate a specific time in which the child is allowed to online. For example, every day the child is only allowed to use the internet for two hours in the evening and exceeding the time limit means punishment will be given.

Another way of avoiding the child from accessing unhealthy websites is by locating a specific place in which you can monitor always your child while he is accessing the internet. Knowing that you are always there watching on him, he will be more cautious and discipline while using the internet.

However, it is impossible for parents to always monitor and control what their children are doing. Thus, educating them about the right usage of internet must be started as early as possible so that children understand that internet is invented not just for pleasure but also for knowledge.

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