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How do Children Learn?

Knowing how children learn makes disciplining them easier. The most popular way in which parents use to teach and discipline their children is through punishment. This form of disciplining is famous during our great grandfather and grandfather times. Actually, there are a few other ways to teach your child what he or she should and should not do.

One of the most usual way children learn is from the adults around them such as their parents, siblings and teachers. They observe what these adults are doing, and thus they follow. This type of learning is called modeling. In children’s perspective, ‘if mom and dad behave like this, it should be right. So, it shouldn’t be wrong if I follow what they do’. Parents are children’s main role model. Thus, if you want your child to behave positively, you should first behave yourself and set a good example to him or her.

Another way in which parents can use to discipline their children is through rewarding, which is giving your child something that he likes when he does something correctly. Last but not least, there is the traditional way of disciplining your child which is punishment. Most modern parents nowadays do not believe of the effectiveness of using punishment as a way to discipline because there are studies which states that punishment causes negative impact to the relationship and bondage between the child and parents.

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