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Home Tutor UPSR, PMR, SPM

Home Tutor UPSR, PMR, SPM


Every year more than 500,000 students across Malaysia are sitting for UPSR, PMR and SPM. Base on the statistics, we have found out that the effectiveness of one to one tutorial coaching will help students to achieve better grades in UPSR, PMR and SPM. In Selangor alone, 5% of the population engages Home tuition services because their child is a slow learner.

Studying one to one is the only solution for slow learners. Although the fees are expensive, the quality of education is very promising. We have seen students who engage our service managed to improved from C to B within 4 months of tutorial. Home tuition is considered effective because it limits the students ability to mingle with friends during lesson and be fully focus in their work. The teacher will constantly monitor the child since he/she hopes that the child can improve fast. It is all about pulling up grades and guiding the student to excel in a very short period of time as possible. With parents pouring so much money in the child education, teachers face tremendous amount of pressure to ensure immediate improvement.

Last year, hometuitionclass.com managed to close up to 200 cases in Kuala Lumpur. Most of the students belongs to medium income family. Fees structure varies depending on locality, subjects and availability of teachers. It is often a good idea to engage home tuition agency early if you are keen to get the best tutor to coach your child. Tips: Good teachers are at very high demand and they are usually booked even before the school begins.

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