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Why children need tuition?

              As if it has become a trend, tuition classes are becoming more and more important nowadays. Almost every child will attend tuition classes not only on weekdays but also weekends. Meanwhile, parents will be busy finding tuition classes for their children when school reopen after the semester break.

              Why is this happening? Are the teachers in school not capable of doing a good job in educating our future generations? Our school education system has caused teachers to have more work other than teaching. Thus teachers couldn’t pay their sole attention on their students because of their busyness. A lot of students who rely solely on the teachers in school have reported having their grades drop compare to those who attend tuition classes.

              Besides, different teachers have their own teaching style. The teaching style of a teacher in school may suit some students but not all. There are those who are a bit slow in learning thus needing more attention and tuition classes are the solution. In tuition classes, the tuition teacher has fewer students, he or she able to concentrate more on her students especially the weak ones.

              To conclude, it is good to let your child attend tuition classes but at the same time you also need to find a tuition teacher who is suitable for your child.

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