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Home Tuition In Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam

If you’re looking for a home  tutor around KotaKemuning, Shah Alam area. We are glad to help your child to excel in the education. Our home tuition in Kota Kemuning offers the following services such as UPSR, PTS and SPM Subjects even International Syllabus (International School). We are welcome to all the parents from Kota Kemuning area. We will try our best to find a experienced tutor for you.

  1. UPSR Bahasa Melayu
  2. UPSR Science
  3. UPSR English
  4. UPSR Math
  5. PTS Science
  6. PTS Mandarin
  7. PTS Bahasa Melayu
  8. PTS English
  9. PTS Math
  10. PTS Sejarah
  11. SPM Math
  12. SPM Bahasa Melayu
  13. SPM English
  14. SPM Add Math
  15. SPM Geography
  16. SPM Physics
  17. SPM Chemistry

    International Syllabus ( O-Level, IGCSE, A-level))

    1. Math
    2. Science
    3. English
    4. Mandarin
    5. Bahasa Melayu
    6. Physics
    7. Biology
    8. Chemistry

      Kindly contact : Ms Dianne  016-3389802

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