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Hobbies for Your Child.

Hobby is something that you do to pass your free time. If ask the children in Malaysia about what their hobbies are, they will usually answer watching television, sleeping, surfing the internet and go shopping. Why do our children today who will become the future leaders of tomorrow do not indulge in activities which are more beneficial to them such as reading, planting, taking care of pets or taking up a sport?

Our children today are named as the Gen-Y Generation which is defined as a generation living with technology and innovation. Because of the development of technology, the inventions of new devices and the usage of internet have caused our lives to be less active. When children are free, they have the internet or mobile devices to accompany them. Thus, there is no need for them to search for other activities especially outdoor ones to pass their time.

Taking up a suitable and right hobby is very important. It is from hobbies that a child inner talent is being found and further inculcated. For example, if you encourage your child to play the piano, you may find out that your child actually has the talent in it. Besides, hobbies like reading and singing can improve your child’s language. Some parents think that hobbies are just waste of time, it is better if the child use his time to study. However, don’t you think that your child also needs to rest from his studies and during this rest time, allow him to do something which he is interested in? So, why not encourage your child to do something more beneficial to him than to waste time watching television and sleeping?

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