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Extra Sport Activities.

Students are always encouraged to join some sports in schools. It is undeniable that many Malaysian students are very active and talented. Many of them love sports and outdoor activities. However, there are even some who are being forced to join certain sports club only with the intention to get higher extra-curricular marks and not because of their interest in the sport.

The main aim of joining extra sport activities is not for representing the school in competitions but to instill a habit of doing physical activities in students. Of course, representing the school in competitions will be a bonus if the student is very talented in the sport.

Why does the government want to make it compulsory for every student to take up at least one sport in school? It is because they realize that students are getting more and more academic achievement oriented. We do not want to only produce students who are good in certain field. Instead, our main vision is to produce students who are overall achievers.

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