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Building a knowledgeable society.

Malaysia is now considered a developing country. Although we are still left behind many countries like the United States of America, Japan and China, we are in the process of rising up to the par with these countries. One of the ways to achieve our mission of becoming a well-developed country is through education.

As we all know, our children now is the future leaders of the country. Thus, it is important to give them proper education so that they will grow up educated and can help in further developing the country. One day, our job will end and we must therefore pass our job of developing the country to our children, our future generations.

The government realized the importance of education in creating capable future leaders. Thus, great emphasize has been given to the education system in the country. All these are done so that our children can cope well and grow into world class leader. It is hopeful that Malaysia will be able to produce world class leaders.

Malaysia’s hope of achieving Vision 2020 will be accomplished if all of us come together as a society, cooperate to give the best education to our children. They are the future hope of the country.

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