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Monthly Archives: October 2012

The Importance of Languages

Knowing many different types of languages might not be a necessity but it is a great advantage. Among the popular languages that people prefer are Mandarin, French, German, Korean and Japanese. The importance of communication is increasing...

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The LGBT Issue

The recent report about the guidelines for parents and teachers to spot the tendencies of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender in children has caused much controversies and objection. Gender identity is an issue in which people are usually not...

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How do Children Learn?

Knowing how children learn makes disciplining them easier. The most popular way in which parents use to teach and discipline their children is through punishment. This form of disciplining is famous during our great grandfather and grandfather...

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Reward Vs Punishment

For your information, rewarding and giving punishment are some ways that children learn. What are the differences between these two? Understanding these two terms is important for parents so that they know the correct way to teach their children...

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