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Daily Archives: September 19, 2012

What is the Role of a Father?

Our usual perspective on a father’s role is to support the family financially. However, research done shows that it is actually more than that. Fathers have a direct impact on the well being of their children. If this is so, in what way they...

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How To Love Your Child?

People are getting more materialistic nowadays. Job and money are their first priority in lives. Due to this reason, children are being neglected by their parents. There are some children who are brought up by their grandparents or even sent...

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Library-Making Good Use of It.

When students are encouraged to read, they often give the excuse that books are expensive that they could not afford to spend on them. If this is the case, library is the solution. Every school has its own library. Students can make full use of...

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How to Spend Time with Your Child?

There are parents who say that they feel regret for missing the growing process of their children because they are too busy with their careers. Parents are the ones closest to their children. They have to realize that having a child is a...

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